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12 Chefs Reveal the One Ingredient You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen


“It’s aged and fermented in oak barrels, soaking up the flavors and aroma of the wood—it creates a rich but slightly sweet nutty vinegar. In any professional kitchen, you’ll find a variety of vinegars being used, but in most homes I rarely see any. Sherry vinegar can be used to finish sauces and gravy, liven up soups or stews or mixed with olive oil. You can also use it to dress chicken, romaine lettuce and grated Parmesan cheese for a fast and healthy dinner. Look for the word solera on the bottle, which is the traditional aging method.”

-Alan Wise, Executive Chef, Magnolia Restaurant and Lovage Rooftop & Indoor Lounge in NYC

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“Schmeggegges” gone wild

Wendy William was swarmed by fans at a packed party in her honor Wednesday night. Every lifestlye schmeggegge in New York who wants to be on Wendy’s show was there, groaned a guest. They all wanted to kiss the ring said another guest. She got bombarded.

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Too Much Love For Wendy

Talk show host and Confidential guest editor Wendy Williams had to run for cover at Wednesday night party celebrating her Resident magazine cover in Midtown. We’re told that when Williams arrived over zealous fans tried to get too close and her bodyguards had to step in to get her to Lovage Rooftop, where the bash was being held.

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Bourbon That Tops $100 a Shot is Big Draw

Pappy Van Winkle is being featured at some New York City establishments, including a $500-a-plate dinner at a Midtown restaurant

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A Night At Magnolia Restaurant & Lovage Rooftop Lounge

On a spring night, I headed over for drinks and dinner and Magnolia Restaurant and Lovage Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan.

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