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owned by Ric Addison:

Monarch has been featured via a photo shoot in the April issue of The Resident

Pages 49-52

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10 Ways To Celebrate The Super Bowl Like A New Yorker

Every year, football fans across the country gather for a tense and food-filled celebration of Super Bowl Sunday. Here in New York City, there’s certainly no shortage of parties, events, beer, and traditional American bar food. Here are ten ways to celebrate the Super Bowl in New York City.

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Ric Addison on Your New Favorite Rooftop Spot, Monarch

Many of us tend to classisfy nightlife to just downtown. Meatpacking, L.E.S., the East Village, or WilliamsburgGreenpointBushwick— yet nightlife is thriving everywhere, and I’ve never seen anything like it. There are tons of large spaces and residents are scarcer or are young upwardly mobile types occupying new construction; they’re enthusiastic about going out and their money is green. Ric Addison of the Hospitality Group that bears his name, is the teflon don of Midtown boîtes. Everything he opens is hot.

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NYC rooftop bars and restaurants to visit now

Monarch’s Scandinavian-chic lounge radiates glamour. Its picturesque views of the Empire State Building are almost enough to distract you from your $16 specialty cocktail. Open year-round.

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Monarch Rooftop & Indoor Lounge Hosts Private Tasting

With a new chef at the helm and a new Fall menu, Monarch Rooftop has made sure that you don’t have to forgo the rooftop scene just because summer has ended.

Atop the Midtown Marriott, Monarch affords a stunning view of the Empire State Building. And when the sun–and temperatures–go down, their fiery heat lamps ensure you can bask in the surrounding nightscape of the city buildings well into the evening. Though their cocktail menu will surely keep you warm too. Their new Fall cocktail offerings range from the garden party in your mouth that is the Tomato-Basil Martini to the Cozy n’ Caramel, featuring Irish whiskey, apple cider, and cinnamon-caramel syrup.

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