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The Best Rooftop Brunch Spots In NYC

Located just around the corner from Herald Square, the rooftop and lounge at Monarch offers expansive views of all of midtown, including a direct shot at the Empire State. With a cocktail and brunch menu to (almost) contend the stunning views, the overall ambiance at Monarch Rooftop and Lounge simply can’t be beat.

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Mini Key Lime Pies

This is a very straight forward dessert from Executive Chef Daniel Billheimer of Monarch Rooftop Lounge perfect for any time of the year. The notes of sweet are perfectly balanced with the right amount of acid from the keylime, and the handmade graham cracker crust lends an authenticity and depth that really pulls the whole piece together. One bite from this old world Florida classic will put you on the beach with the sun on your face.

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Petite Berry Stuffed French Toast

This recipe from Executive Chef is Daniel Billheimer of Monarch Rooftop Lounge, is perfect for the limited counter space and easy clean up necessary for tiny apartment living. The rich, full flavored batter married with the eggy brioche will have the whole floor smelling like breakfast time. Complimented with a quality pure maple syrup or fresh berry compote, this dish will exceed expectations with none of the mess.

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It’s Tax Day, Have a Cocktail

The good news is tax season is over for most of us. But if you had to part with your hard earned money, there’s nothing like a stiff drink to make sense of those numbers that didn’t add up in your favor.

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Tax Day Deals 2016

our W-2s and 1099s and who knows what else are filed — it’s time to celebrate!

Reward yourself for finishing your taxes on time with these deals on April 18.

Monarch Rooftop is shaking up a special $11 Fernet Your Troubles cocktail all day on April 18th. 71 W. 35th St.,

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