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The Wandering Eater – Monarch Rooftop Lounge

Monarch Rooftop Lounge is arguably the rooftop with the up-close-and-personal feel to the Empire State Building. When we arrived there by sunset and see the light transitions from golden hour to the silver-white moonlight, we see the lovely details that makes the Empire State Building one of the most beloved landmarks in New York City.

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Boozy Candies at Monarch

Embrace your inner child with liquor-infused candies at Monarch in Midtown. Choose from Tipsy Teddy Bears, gummy bears steeped in champagne or rosé; Rummy Worms, gummy worms soaked in rum; and Fish Out of Water, Swedish Fish bathed in vodka in blue jello shots.

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Great NYC Hotel Bars to Check Out This Summer

The Monarch Hotel’s Rooftop Lounge is well-positioned for commuters coming in and out of Penn Station. This is evident during the work week, as the after-work crowd makes its way over from midtown-area offices in a sea of blazers, blue and white collared button-down shirts, and A-line sheath dresses.

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FOOD FUN: Alcohol & Gummy Candy

Search for “adult gummies” and you’ll turn up bottles and bottles of nutritional supplements. They’re not just multivitamins but biotin, fiber, fish oil, melatonin, vitamin C and more. (Caveat: Before you get too excited, check the grams of sugar on the bottle.) Let us introduce you instead to our kind of adult gummies: soaked in wine or spirits.

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8 Rooftop Brunches You Need to Experience Before Summer is Over

Get up-close and personal with the iconic Empire State Building at Monarch Rooftop Lounge. Sink into funky, plush couches and chairs or banquettes that just beg for lounging as you tuck into brunch dishes like a bacon-wrapped egg and cheddar muffin, a chef’s quiche du jour, and berry-stuffed French toast.

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